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Priorities of our work

 Create acceptable conditions for the development of expert and inspection activities in Ukraine.

 Minimizing corruption impact on the expert and inspection organizations.

 Training of Federation members to implement new requirements for activities of experts and inspections under the Agreement on Association between Ukraine and the European Union.

 Improving the training and retraining of experts and specialists of non-destructive testing in Ukraine.

Our mission

  • Represent and protect interests of members at regional, national and international levels
  • Promoting competitive environment for the development of expert and inspection organizations in Ukraine
  • Effective and sustainable social dialogue.

Our values

  • Leadership - Federation is the leader of expert and inspection organizations, represents their interests in Ukraine and abroad and makes business climate acceptable for their development 
  • Openness - Federation is open to questions and suggestions from its members, from organizations, businesses etc. 
  • Independence and out of politics - Federation is representative and defender of the interests of its members and is independent from the state or any political party. 
  • Competence and responsibility - Federation summarizes the knowledge and experience of its members, the best international and national experience, cooperates with the national and international experts 
  • Ethical business - Federation disseminates best practices of corporate social responsibility and stands for doing business ethical in Ukraine.

Our services

  • To inform about the current situation in the field of expert and inspection organizations activities; to inform about the novelties in legislation 
  • To involve members into analyzing the drafts of legal acts, developed by central authorities 
  • To represent and protect interests of its members during the state supervision (control) 
  • Advocacy of industry problems, lobbying their decision 
  • Invitations to participate in public events; 
  • Dissemination of experience implementing best practices in the field of expert and inspection activities

Latest News

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